Ready To Go Pro Academy Documents

Ready To Go Pro Football Academy has compiled some useful documents which are provided by The FA and/or other organisations.

This is to help Parents, Spectators and Players understand the types of support which are provided by the Football Association.

Click on the document list that we provide including our club information.

Concussion Documents

Code of conduct

This document outlines how players, coaches, and parents should manage their behaviour.

Covid 19 Document

Due to the covid 19 pandemic, we have provided guidance on how we will keep players safe with first aid and outdoor football.

Heading and Concussion

How to spot the signs and risks of concussion also when to introduce heading into training.

Anti-Bullying, kick it out and Mental Health information

These guidelines outline how to understand and report also what outcomes will do to keep all of our members safe.

Diet and Nutrition

The benefits of a varied and balanced diet, types of food and how it can affect training and match performance.