Player Development

From understanding the importance and benefits of warming up and stretching before and after training to Diet and nutrition, we discuss all aspects of player development with all players.

Football Development

Our qualified coaches plan and prepare each session based on players personal development plan. Each coach comes with a wide range of experience in football from ex-professionals, scouts and agents, players get the development and mentoring they need to eventually become a pro.

We offer football development plans for all age groups, genders and abilities all based around the Football Association four corners model.

At the moment we do not hold the charter standard but should have this important affiliation shortly

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Monitor Football Development

We discuss aims and objectives with players and give feedback on their progress.

Player development is monitored and recoded every month and ranges from dribbling, 1v1 attacking, Teamwork plus many more  

Technical Football Development

Ball control- Chest- Thigh, First touch- Cushion – Out of feet, Ball mastery – Different parts of the foot -Turns – Step overs – Drag backs, Passing and receiving- Movement

Unopposed skill practice and opposed practice – One  vs One – Two vs One – Even and odd sided practice

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Technical Ability Training

Social Football Development





Feedback an Understanding



Make friends



These all provide different challenges and scenarios. 

Physical football Development

180 or 360 Degrees-stop start-slalom


Balance / Concentration / Focus

Changing Direction


Health – Diet and Rest


Power – Core work- Stamina

Strength and Conditioning- plyometrics

Protecting the ball

Stretching, Warm-up and Cool down

Football Player Development In Lewisham

Psychological Football Development

Gaining confidence,

Making and learning from mistakes,

Understanding – Position – Roles and responsibilities,

Inspire teammates, Desire,

Work hard to improve-

Discipline – stay in position –

Mark 1 player,

Game changer,

When and where to do things, empathy.

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Life Skills Football Development

With so many players out there that all want to achieve the same dream, some players won’t make it. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for you in professional or amateur football There are so many other roles in football that you can aspire to such as

  • Agents
  • Coach
  • Academy Scout
  • opposition scout
  • Head of Recruitment
  • Physiotherapy
  • personal trainer
  • academy manager
  • player liaison officers
  • Video Analyst

Our aim at the Ready to go pro academy is about encouraging the players to work hard in training, communicate, trust each other, build relationships, roles and responsibilities. The other important attribute is decision making, concentration, focus, leadership, desire, listening and understanding.

This will help to build vital skills needed for each player to be successful in their lives, regardless of the career they choose. Whether it’s your desire to be a Doctor or Pilot you would need some of these transferable skills.

The end goal is playing showcase football matches in front of professional club scouts. For more information on how to get involved get in touch. 

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Player Development

Ready To Go Pro football academy provide fun training sessions for player development.